Ben Gonzalez


My name is Ben Gonzalez, Co-Founder and Vice President of Vote Z. Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I am currently a student at New York University double majoring in Politics and Journalism. Before Vote Z, I've volunteered with Pittsburgh Cares, March for Our Lives Pittsburgh, and worked on local political campaigns in my hometown and New York City.

I chose to join Jordan and her mission because I wanted to change the culture around voting in the United States. I've always wondered why younger generations routinely disassociated themselves with civic processes that have such an impact on their lives; how could it be so easy to let go of a profound influence on your life? Our job at Vote Z is, among so many other things, a matter of educating our generation--Gen Z--on how much power our collective vote has and how it can really change the world as we've found it. We're guided by the fact that we know our generation won't just take a backseat when it comes to voting, and will do whatever it takes to fully engage the younger electorate.