What we accomplished in 2020

Starting in June, Vote Z aimed to target Gen Z through digital organizing, including hosting online voter registration training, text banking, socially distanced literature drops, and social media posts. Over the last year, we reached thousands of young people across the country through digital organizing and 756 voters through literature drops. We produced a podcast (Creating Good Trouble hosted by Ashari James) to create a community where our generation can learn and engage with activists to rebuild civic dialogue. Together we partner with larger organizations to promote civic engagement by registering poll workers. Limited to digital outreach, we signed up 136 poll workers, registered or received pledge agreements from 69 new voters, and provided 42 people with absentee ballots. While these numbers pale compared to the size of the national election, we see our efforts as part of an effort that collectively can make America's elected officials more responsive to the values of those they represent. In the future, we plan to grow the organization, promote civic dialogue and work to engage with Gen Z candidates running for office, and continue registering young voters.

- Jordan

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