I vote for change

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

"I vote because of the changes I know can come from voting. I am lucky to be an American and live in a country that respects its citizens' right to participate in their government. I know that the changes I want to see in our country and the world, in general, can only be achieved by using my voice and voting in every election. I am passionate about increased gun control, education reform and funding, and nuclear non-proliferation. I know that I cannot expect change in these areas if I don't tell my legislators that I want change, which is why I vote every election."

Allison Sijgers is a rising senior at The Catholic University of America. She studies Political Science and Spanish for International Service. During her time at Catholic U, she has worked on a congressional campaign, interned on Capitol Hill, and in the UK House of Commons. In the future, she hopes to continue studying the effects of Brexit on the UK and EU, in addition to pursuing a career in diplomacy.

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