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Vote Z is a nonprofit organization working to change the culture around voting amongst Generation Z. Everyone is affected by the decisions of our government, but the beauty of America is that you get a voice. Amidst the challenges of our work, school, and personal lives, it can be hard to see how a single vote can impact politics: apathy is easy. We aim to positively influence Gen Z's attitude towards voting through information about the voting process, voters’ choice of candidates, and the impact our generation can have in elections.

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“As young people, we have the most to lose if our legislatures fail to reflect our country’s demographics and values as a whole—if we don't vote— that is on us!”


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Vote Z is a student-led organization working to change the culture around. Our successful comes from talented young people ready to stand up and make a change in their community. We are currently expanding our team with a range of opportunities. We’re looking for hard-working individuals committed to making voting and voting rights accessible to all: while keeping in mind that we must change the current culture.

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